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advice from our leaders

We all can learn from peoples’ experiences, especially those who are willing to share their advice. I talked to Jill Rowley, and extremely successful women, and she was more that enthusiastic to share her wisdom with me. Jill Rowley is a limited partner and fund advisor at Stage 2 Capital and has spent time in management consulting, software sales, public speaking, and growth advisory at Marketo, Through her diverse career paths, she has learned to live by a pieces of career advice. She generously shared them with me, and now, I will share them with you.

· Your network is your net worth – build trusted relationships

· Get comfortable being uncomfortable

· Always be learning

· You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate

· I’m not here to do what’s been done, but what’s possible, modern, and right

· Don’t assume the negative

· Challenge assumptions and status quo

· Help others!! Give to give versus Giving to Get

· Title does not equal leadership

· If you can see it, you can be it.

· Be authentic – be uniquely you

· Allergic to average

· Reinvent and pivot

· Team over individual – it takes a village

· Equity creates wealth, income pays the bills

· More does not equal better

· Take calculated risks

· Failure isn’t the end

· You have to be visible to be valuable to others

· DON’T stay in your lane

Take her advice, interpret it in your own way, and try to follow it through your career.

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