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Change Starts with Young Female Entrepreneurs

Change Starts with Young Female Entrepreneurs

We envision a future where women are not only on equal footing with men but are equally recognized as leaders and trailblazers. Although in today’s modern world there is already an awareness of sexual equality, nevertheless, in many aspects of society, men still dominate. Our dream is to elevate the status and rights of women further, to lessen and even surmount the gap between women and men. is a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, and our goal is female empowerment. The potential of the young generation of women cannot be overestimated. The young women of today are more informed and enlightened. They have the confidence to compete with their peers, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or preference.

We have specific programs to achieve such goals. Foremost of which is the Mentorship Program and Funding Education. With the proper guidance and support, these young women can accomplish as much as men can, and even more.

Our focus is to develop the spirit of female entrepreneurship among young women, and we believe that mentoring them and providing support for their college education is crucial. Your wholehearted support, whether financial or in-kind, to the programs we have established, will go a long way in developing the potentials of the young women we are assisting.

If you share in our dreams and aspirations, and if you believe in the power that women can bring and the positive changes they can affect, then we would welcome your support. We put the resources we have to excellent use, just like our Mentorship Program in Georgia, with the purpose only of realizing the most that these young women can accomplish.

Help our cause and start a change today! For more inquiries, contact us.

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