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Getting the Facts of Women Empowerment

Getting the Facts of Women Empowerment

The correct information leads us to the right decisions. Across the world, efforts for Female Empowerment have been successful in uplifting and saving the lives of many women. Still, much more is to be done. Spreading information remains a critical component.

Unfortunately, incorrect information leads us to poor judgment. The topic of female empowerment is one of the many critical subject areas with deadly and unhelpful misconceptions. In this article, we will address myths and misconceptions with facts.

  • More jobs for women takes jobs away from men – is not true. Allowing, encouraging, and enabling women into the workforce does not cut men from their jobs. As more women earn, they have more buying power which generates more demand and leads to more production requiring more jobs.
  • Working women are ineffective mothers – this is not true. Managing time will always be a struggle but working mothers are great examples to sons and daughters. They see discipline, courage, and hard work.
  • Empowering women means removing power from men – is not true. Women empowerment is about achieving equality. Power is both authority and responsibility. Both genders can be of power. Both genders have strengths and together, sharing responsibilities lead to better outputs.

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