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In Solidarity

Within this collective catalog, we are trying to showcase the history of Asian American women whose voices have been oppressed. Through the eyes of revolutionary feminists, we are delivering the history of the fight against oppression that silenced the voices demanding equality. It is important to recognize the plurality of Asian American feminisms that exist, as although we have been grouped together, we are a diverse group of feminisms with a range of experiences and perspectives. We must amplify and emphasize the variety of voices, so that one voice does not dominate.

Our title, In Solidarity, wants to recognize the togetherness that is required in order to create real change. In many of our readings, we have discussed the importance of rejecting the attempt to pit people of color against each other. As Asian American feminists, we must recognize the power that we hold in togetherness. Especially while in a diasporic situation, feminists and people of color need to come together in solidarity to use our collective power. In this political climate, where political polarization and division is incredibly prevalent, we must reject the motivation to separate our power as a means to gain more power themselves.

We hope that this collective catalog inspires you, as a reader and a human being, to consider what race means in your daily life and reexamine your own implicit biases. In this time of separation and isolation, we employ you to spread love and compassion for one another.

Thank you,

Sergio Estrada Adan, Eva Funaki, Lin Lin, Cristal Ortiz, Lina Sinsheimer, and Isha Uppalapati

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