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The Implication of the ERA to the Violence Against Women Act

Primary to being an ally for female empowerment is being aware of issues that affect or relate to the advancement of the movement. Aside from delving into history to explain the underpinnings of the cause, it is also crucial that we educate...

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advice from our leaders

We all can learn from peoples' experiences, especially those who are willing to share their advice. I talked to Jill Rowley, and extremely successful women, and she was more that enthusiastic to share her wisdom with me. Jill Rowley is a limited...

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talking to our leaders

Women in power pave the way for more women and provide great leadership models for the younger generations. These women have battled the "glass ceiling" and surpassed many of society's expectations. Talking to these women gives motivation and...

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women in slavery

Although slavery was abolished with the 13th amendment, millions of women are trapped in slavery. But now, it has a new name - human trafficking. Hidden behind layers of seemingly legal and enticing opportunities, many woman are forced to be slaves...

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taking away our choice

Our goal is to give girls more choices. More opportunities. A chance to do something that they want to do. And lately, some choices that these girls should always have are being taken away. Recently, there have been many laws passed restricting...

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