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taking away our choice

Our goal is to give girls more choices. More opportunities. A chance to do something that they want to do. And lately, some choices that these girls should always have are being taken away.

Recently, there have been many laws passed restricting or completely outlying abortions, regardless of the reason. There are many arguments on why one should be pro life, but the root of every one of those arguments comes from religious beliefs. Those who fought for our freedom from the oppressive British rule also fought to keep the church separate from the state. However, as time goes on we seem to be incorporating more religious values into law.

Being pro-life and being pro-choice shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Those who are pro-life can believe that others who are not can have the choice on whether or not to have an abortion.

Pro-choice has never meant pro-abortion. Pro-choice has always supported women being able to choose whether or not to have an abortion. By taking away this choice, our lawmakers have lessened the power of a women. They have told her what she wants is not as important as what they want. They have told her that her voice, her thoughts, her wants, her choice is not as important as theirs.

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