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women in slavery

Although slavery was abolished with the 13th amendment, millions of women are trapped in slavery. But now, it has a new name – human trafficking. Hidden behind layers of seemingly legal and enticing opportunities, many woman are forced to be slaves to many people all over the world. Even in a country as advanced as the United States, human trafficking is abundant.

The human trafficking industry is, sadly, an extremely profitable one; it profits around $150 billion a year. However, over 80% of these victims are women, and in the US, over half of them are children. Victims are often enticed with a job opportunity, a new home, and other enticing offers. Children are often told that someone will take them away from an abusive home, often by a boyfriend or other seemingly trusting figure. Traffickers are smart; they cover their tracks and stay under the radar. They make it seem like the victim is willingly with them by making the victim fear for his or her life.

Victims often end up in hospitals due to abuse suffered from traffickers and other buyers, however are rarely rescued. Most trafficking victims have visited a health care provider during the time they are being exploited, but many go unnoticed. Healthcare professionals do not have the proper training to identify these victims while the victims are often too scared to speak out because of their trafficker.

By educating people on how to identify victims, we can save these women being sold and end this horrific industry. By taking the Justice U course by the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, you can become more educating and join the fight! Check out the link below.


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